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How To Make Money As A Songwriter

How To Make Money As A Songwriter is a simple matter. Write a great song or five. See them performed or streamed in front of enough people and you’re a success. The way from your living room on the family piano or your room with your guitar, or synthesizer is through your computer. So the foundation for us is song craft and most important online marketing success.

My Story

I got a really crappy guitar for my fourteenth birthday. Perseverance with the mediocre guitar, I learned to make the chord changes. Eventually I got very good, they told me. They auditioned me and hired me as a guitar player and singer.

None of the bands went anywhere. In the next few years most had children and stopped the Rock-N-Roll habit. I gigged some as a solo act. Eventually, I made a solo CD project while earning a degree in mechanical engineering.

I worked for Boeing. It was cube farmville. It was not for me. I left and did contract work for several years removing imaging equipment from hospitals which I enjoyed. Technology change from analog to digital ended any real opportunity.

So, here I am in the online book, music and promotion business with a couple of books, more planned, a record to sell and desiring to record more songs.  As an affiliate marketer I will also provide you tips on the best gear, instruments and recording software as well the way to bring the world to our music.

Book And Music Promotion

Any business is all about serving and helping people accomplish what they choose not or cannot accomplish for themselves. Knowledge is power as they say.  Through four years of more serious attempt to promote my books online I have knowledge in the area of traffic bearing websites.

Traffic to your website is the key to making headway in promotion for self-published recording artists, books or anything you want to promote. So come along and we’ll learn to promote ourselves. Thank you very much for your visit and your time. I encourage your questions or comments on my posts and will answer you.  Chris Queen.


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