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Keywords draw traffic to your website. You will absolutely want a website to promote your music. The traditional music business involved developing a live following then getting nod from the record companies and recording a record. The release of a single to get airplay on radio.

The live shows supported the record where the lion’s share of the money came from. Now the shoe is on the other foot with the lion’s share of the money coming from touring and doing concerts because the recording industry has been turned upside down.

Then they shook the artists and took the royalties for themselves.

Music Industry Changes

Therefore, the name of the game is stream numbers now. But all the news is not bad. New artists have the same shot at the streaming market as established bands when you think it through. Really its technology change, rearranging the market delivery.  RIAA reported in February 2019 the 2018 market results as follows:

“February 28, 2019 | RIAA News

RIAA Releases 2018 Year-End Music Industry Revenue Report

“Fueled by tremendous creative output by groundbreaking artists and now more than 50 million paid subscriptions, the U.S. music industry experienced its third year of consecutive growth in 2018 with retail revenues up 12% to $9.8 billion. Streaming now comprises 75% of total industry revenues. Vinyl continues to be a bright spot for the physical market, up 8% to $419 million, the highest revenue level since 1988.”

Vinyl Records Surge

The trouble with Vinyl records for newer artists is the cost of producing them, as it is a labor intensive, hit-and-miss process to even produce a vinyl disc fit for etching. The errors are recycled but all in all the cost is upwards of 13.00 apiece to put a vinyl disc in an album cover and that is for a minimum of 1000 records. Most new artists do not have 13,000 dollars for a thousand records.

The price should come down if the sales go up to reduce the cost as happened with many items through digital technology etc. The more you make the cheaper it is per copy to produce most things. So let’s buy turntables and vinyl records for the superior sound.

Knowledge Required

Selling our music depends on website traffic and we get that through keyword targeted content through blogging or video on YouTube. Aside from building a website we will need far more knowledge to succeed.

The title of my post contains two keywords. They are: Chris Queen Music and Chris Queen Look Up Now. Since I have hosting and mega training in the 50 lessons in the Wealthy Affiliate Online Certification Training I have learned how to effectively leverage keywords.

JAXXY keyword search tool is included in the Wealthy Affiliate Premium plan. Many myths have arisen in regard to online search engines. Many believe using Google Trends for a massive traffic word or phrase will get them traffic. FAT CHANCE!

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Learn From A Master

Let me explain, a massive traffic search amount in a keyword sounds good. But, competition is also huge with such a keyword. So you’ll be down on page fifteen in the search result. How many times have you searched fifteen pages deep? Me neither.

So there is a science to it. Kyle Louden co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate has a very intelligently thought out video training environment right on the single page navigation. This has enabled him through personal attention and duplicating his effort to train over 1,000,000 in the last fifteen plus years. Smart huh?

JAXXY is one of the things he teaches you to effectively use. In keywords, we find the traffic by what they type into their browser. The idea is to roll out the red carpet and be where they are headed when they search for your site. They don’t even realize you were there waiting for them.

Proper Approach

Chris Queen Music, as a keyword, Jaxxy tells me has some traffic. Obviously Britney Spears has more. But two other even more important numbers for our purpose in attracting music lovers are QSR and SEO values.

QSR is how many pages are out there under the keyword. Important because we need to be able not only to be indexed but “ranked” under the keyword. This means we appear on the first page. We want to be very near the top of the first page.

The SEO number gives us insight about how likely we are to be ranked with our keyword. This needs to be near 100 for 100% chance we will be ranked.

The Best Place To Build Is Right Here

The three numbers work together, either for us or against us. An average search per week number that is not so high in SEO and we end up at what is essentially a stack of paper (to give you a picture) 500 sheets high. You would never see the light of day.

The QSR number needs to be as close to 0 as reasonable per the searches and the SEO.  Zero for QSR is fine. This is the number of pages indexed under the key word. The SEO number needs to be as close to 100 as you can reasonably come. 95 or above is best.

Optimized SEO with Enterprise hosting, along with the training in Online Certification and you will learn to get traffic to your website. You want your visitors to read content, listen to audio and/or view your videos. The quality of the content on your page must be up to snuff as they say to keep them coming back.

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That you for visiting my site. Please if you have any comments or any questions please leave them here below and I will answer you. Please come back again and I will be writing more. Thank you again, Chris.


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