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Let’s start thinking instead. How To Use A DAW. Don’t. It is a horrendous waste of your life and your time. Here’s the thing, in order to get any recording I’d be proud of sharing it would need to be a 2-inch tape recording full of actual Ferris magnetic musical warmth.

Yes, I have been rethinking things because I can buy a Tascam or other multi track recording machine requiring a few hours to learn [or do you like IT?] its use and this is compared to a college degree’s worth of hours poured into DAW learning.

Seriously think this through, three hours to begin actually recording track one with the Tascam DP-24 or 32 or Live Track or Boss BR. Or hundreds and hundreds of frustrating hours in your computer struggling through sometimes very non-intuitive menu-driven nonsense created by programmers instead of musicians.

And when you’re done, you have ice-cold digital facsimile of your songs, your music with ice pick highs, hissy noise sibilance and all the other problems associated with what is essentially fake recording in shadow creation of the image of your songs with the 1s and 0s of binary arithmetic. Boolean Algebra on tap.

Now investing in an inferior recording medium in your computer through hundreds and hundreds of hours of learning the digital audio workstation is hardly worth it all where a few hours in the Tascam [the manual is a quarter inch thick] opens up 8 input phantom powered recording producing the identical digital file, as Pro Tools the information recorded to an SD Card.

The likelihood of a computer crash is eliminated and you walk up to the Tascam and plug your guitar or mic into it via combo jack with a quarter inch plug or XLR adjust the input level to avoid clipping. Set a click track hit the transport record button and you’re off. Record your track, rewind, with simple traditional transport control and listen to it.

Settings laid out in a mixing board with Parametric EQ section effects sends busing and the whole nine yards. Yes you can zoom in to do fine editing and the whole sch mere if you’re into all that. I’m not. Ask yourselves: “Has music improved in the last twenty years with all this technology?”

You can use a click track and metronome for timing and none of this click to grid fake stuff and no melodyne pitch correction crud. Music was made with logs and skins for 5,000 years with human approximation of perfect and that allows for vibe and breath in your song.

Actual dynamics, without compression to compete in the dynamic range wars. I am so disgusted when I hear most recordings these days. If you can’t strum it, hit it or pluck or sing it, just don’t.

Find two or three musicians and learn to play a song together, then another and when you have ten together practice recording them on the Tascam DP-24 or 32 or other recorder.

Then you can release it online, if you like, where 16/24 [24/48 with the DP also] is the best quality anyway, because the human ear has no further capability, or once you have that together rehearse enough to rent 10 hours in a studio (30-40 bucks/hour) that has 2-inch tape, analog recording and just do it the way it should be done. Warm tone rather than mosquito ghost digi-do-do-wop.

Take the tape and get the songs mastered then do a go fund me if you’re poor and your result is very good and get some real vinyl LPs made and offer them for sale on a band website.  Learn to promote it through Wealthy Affiliate. Why do we need record companies anymore?

Now you’re making 7-10 dollars per album instead of .0000001 penny or whatever these streaming crooks are paying now. I did not studder, I said crooks, criminals and gangsters. The freaking music mafia.

The Tascam produces sound every bit as high quality sound as the DAW and the leaning curve is 10,000,000 times shorter. Then you go to an analog studio and you just focus on your performance and not on being the artist and the engineer and producer with his head stuck in the screen.  A video game!

Metallica have a real record plant, making vinyl albums and Wal Mart and Target are selling them again. Lars, Metallica’s drummer was the first hero of the Revolution Against theft of musicians and songwriters personal intellectual property. Just stop letting the thieves have your songs for free. You can sell a record with a copyright and warning that any streaming service owes you five cents per stream and then assert it in court. The judge: “They were warned.”

Everybody, stop with the brainwashed mindless computer recording and get it on tape. You hold the tape when it is finished. You control the tape. The dead silence on the internet will force them to buy what’s on the tape. They’re stealing it now at the expense of the musicians who should be well-paid for it. It’s criminal. They’re criminals!

David Wills Opening Tascam DP- 24 Box

Here is the Tascam DP-24 which takes only a few hours to learn. David Wills ran sound, produced and engineered for the greatest names in pop music and he has a 3-hour video course on how to use the DP-24. Dp-32 is identical except for track count.  David has a three hour course on the Tascam DP-24 and 32 recorders as well many other easy to follow courses HERE

Get The Tascam DP-24 Here

Comparing this to Pro Tools once you get the software $ 599.00, then you need a computer with sufficient power to operate it and an interface with enough XLR and quarter inch inputs for your purposes. My observation for decades now has been lots of people own Pro Tools but most of those who own Pro Tools don’t know how to run Pro Tools.

Ask yourself if you have the stomach for hour upon hours of staring at the computer screen to configure the gobble-de-gook to attain something close to the song your wrote on your piano or acoustic guitar?

I Want to Try the Zoom Live Track 12 or 20 also See It Here

Zoom Live Track 12

I will never forget the first time a musician friend of mine took me to his buddy’s studio and the guy demonstrated taking a 20-second guitar run and copying it 15 times, snap to grid out across the timeline/track and hitting enter. Then he tells me why he can get $ 90.00 per hour, just look at the work flow, the work flow, the work flow. …

I remember looking at Larry and thinking you have so much talent and you don’t need this hype. After that day I realized what was wrong with Larry’s Records. His records were a patchwork quilt cobbled together from bits and pieces.

Another friend of mine plays guitar in a band down in Florida call String Theory. Hey Mark. I told Mark about five years ago I had gotten Studio One Professional DAW. Mark replied, “Ooo I don’t like that technology.” Thinking back to Larry and the copy, copy, copy scenario I told him, “yeah I get it.”

What would the Beatles have sounded like if John had played one run of Norwegian Wood and then Phil Spector copied it 35 times and said OK let’s sing it? Mark bought a copy of my CD. I was proud when he said, “Hey this sounds like you.” My record was done on ADAT tracks played live by professional musicians who can play. HERE: Look Up Now

Or do you want to sound like aluminum foil?

Thank you for visiting my site. And thank you for reading my posts. Yes I am not very impressed with the technology either. Please leave any questions below and I will answer them. Please leave any comments there also. Hate mail is fine. Chris.



6 thoughts on “Digital Audio Recording Software – How To Use A Daw”

  1. Please, sir, I love my music most being the 60’s 70’s and 80’s but you have jumped about 15″ above my understanding I do know you are dealing with a sound mixer is this correct don’t even know what a DAW is.

    You mentioned the good old Vinyl albums. when I was about 15 I had bought the Beetles white album and had it scared in about 6 months now I know what these records are worth nowadays I’m just sick.

    I do have a good friend in the music business he just might be interested I will copy your URL and pass it on   

    • Bill, thank you for your comment.  I will start by telling you I too love the music of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and I add the 1990s until today.  A DAW is Digital Audio Workstation (D.A.W.) shortened to DAW.  Is is a virtual recording studio in your computer.  Since the studio is virtual, in my opinion, the music is virtual.  I like the real thing with Bass, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Piano Horns etc.  

      The time required to learn to use a DAW (1,000 hours or more) is time away from making music.  So I think being more efficient and using a recording machine makes more sense for most musicians.  It took me three hours to learn the Tascam DP-24 and now I have a DP-32.  It makes the same digital files as a DAW.  Limited in effects and such, however, just because you can do something with a computer does not mean you should.  That’s my opinion.  

      Yes I could probably sell my collection of records from the sixties and seventies amounting to 3 to 4 hundred records for 100,000 dollars if they had not been scratched by my baby brother 14 years younger than me.  

      These days Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton are examples of what I like.  I have grand children and they are turning me on (as we used to say) to modern artist and I like some of them very much.  

      Please ask me anymore questions you have and I will answer them for you.  And yes please share this site with your friends.  I hope this answers your questions in understandable words.  Please ask away if you want to know more.  Thank you Bill.  Chris.    

  2. Hello Chris, I am really pleased to have finally found this article and my son have been in need of this wonderful information and we all haven’t found an article that is well detailed until now. I know a little thing about music recording and getting this to help my son get better in what he does is all I really want. Cheers 

    • Justin, thank you very much.  This is the reason I am writing these types of articles to lay out some of the high points of how things have changed and what truly makes sense.  There is no doubt if a person desires to be a recording engineer or producer Pro tools or one or several of the other DAW programs are probably a must but a degree in digital music production goes along with that territory.  For most musicians it is a waste and tedious to mess around in a computer where there are many, many options. Honestly I think it takes away from the creativity in playing primarily and viewing the recording as secondary. What does your son play?  What type of music?  Please come back because I will be writing more on the subjects discussed to date.  Thank you again, Chris.   

  3. this isn’t my field of expertise but it is an excellent well-written article. I agree with all you say. I know musicians who can’t make a living because the receive peanuts for their work. Sorry, they don’t even get peanuts, a fraction of a peanut. It would be great to see more musicians becoming successful through publishing their own work.

    • Castle, thank you for commenting.  I do have 40 years experience recording.  Though not trying to earn my living at it.  Now you can’t give your music away because beginning with Napster others are giving it away behind you back.  Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning committed one of the largest thefts in history.  Now they are respected businessmen.  Sean Parker is now an officer in Spotify.  Crooks in the courts too.  I definitely advocate using non-computer based recording and finishing music on magnetic tape for total artist control.  Thank you.  Chris.   


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