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Preparations Are Being Finalized

One more thing I need, actually two. Great Bass Guitars is our theme today. Playing the bass guitar on the previous project I was blessed with the playing of one of the best bass players I have ever heard. Don Harris. He has retired.

I am getting ready to do the first recordings I have done in 24 years. My last project released in 2014 was recorded in 1996. A lot of life’s distractions against such projects manifested in those years between spurts of progress.

From today I need to finish the room in the house we are dedicating for recording, video and office space. The next thing I need is a bass guitar. So I have been looking at them through videos online listening for the quality of sound I want.

I’m looking for very good bass sounds to compliment my acoustic guitar and electric playing. Not just thump slap wham power chord turn it up more like in the old days. I never played much bass guitar. They told me I was good at it.

But I was much too flamboyant to remain in the background. Burning lead guitar in between heavy rhythm with gobs of volume. No there will not be much of that in this project though I have promised an old friend at least one reprise.

My reasons for recording changed a long time ago and I want to leave some fine art in the book when I go up yonder. “I’ll Fly Away Oh Glory, I’ll Fly Away. Some of that. Turn up the Pink Floyd knob shooting for some classical theme and awesome sound to fit our day. “Times of the Gentiles coming to a close.”

My favorite Bass Player is Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna fame. Jack got together a few years ago (20) with Epiphone and designed a fabulous bass guitar. As you might imagine it is called the Jack Casady Signature Model Bass.

I It features a single pickup placed in the sweet spot for harmonic resonance about halfway down the body. It is a true hollow body guitar with a center block that allows the inside to be open-top to bottom. Therefore, the guitar provides tone from the resonance of the entire hollow body.

It is an Epiphone produced in Korea, therefore much more reasonably priced than it would be if it were a Gibson produced here in the USA. Jack Casady himself can tell you about the details better than I ever could so Let’s let Jack do the talking here via Video.

HERE: The Epiphone Jack Casady 20th Anniversary Bass

I already said, Jack is my favorite Bass player. Here is a well-known youngster compared to Jack, Chris Catero of Razer, doing an excellent review of this great bass designed by Jack himself, with the engineers at Epiphone. The purpose of this website is education in regard to making music and instruments available in our day.

HERE: Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Demo w/Chris Catero

Razer Jordan, Catero

The recording part of this Chris Catero video is what convinced me this may be the bass I buy.

The problem with the Jack Casady Bass is getting one in my hands. They are back ordered at all the big online music outlets. zZounds has removed it from their site except an educational page. So I may buy a used one.

Another bass guitar that has caught my ear is an acoustic electric bass from ESP designated ESP LTD Thinline Bass Series. These feature a 5 string model and 4 string as well fret less and come with different tone wood tops.

The Spalted Maple and Zebrawood tops will likely produce more high range tone than the Spruce. I definitely favor the spruce tending more toward rounder more mid range tones. But that is in the ear of the beholder.

The tone of these bass guitars is definitely sweet compared to other bass guitars in their price range. Very close in price to the Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass. Of course the thin line acoustic electric will have to be complimented with a standard electric bass for more rocked out songs.

ESP LTD Thinline Bass Series

This features the Spalted Maple and the Zebrawood five string and the four string models respectively. Short but it gives a good example of the tonal possibilities. For my purposes this will require a regular electric bass as well.

This because although I am no longer a blues rock trio ZZ Top, Jimi Hendrix type player I still like a little blues and rock in the mix. Acoustic bass is not going to work for that.

The Hofner ignition would work OK and its reasonable in price. Paul McCartney is a very good musician and bass player whose registered al little success. Six hundred million records worth.

So let’s have a look at the Hofner.


So the verdict is, if I had $ 2,000.00 to spend I’d buy all three. The Hofner is the least expensive as a Chinese made guitar. I heard a comparison a little while ago and the Chinese have a better sounding guitar than the original way more expensive German made model.

The Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass is definite my preference. The trouble is getting one in my hands what with Covid-19 experience.

The ESP LTD TL5 is the only one I can put my hands on in two days if I pull the trigger. You’ll know one of these days soon if I do.

Thank you for visiting my site and reading my posts. Thank you for your valued comments and any questions here below. Please come back soon. Thanks again, Chris.

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  1. Been a very big fan of the bass guitar and it’s good that you can write something about it here on your website too. I must say that tmit is good stuff all round and I will like myself to be able to play a bass guitar. I have just started learn how to play though and I don’t want to get ahead of myself yet but I’m sure with time, I’ll be a pro too.

    • Yes I have faith in you.  You definitely can be a pro if you want to.  Just a matter of perseverance in progress.  Jay thank you for you comment.  And congratulations on starting to learn.  Come back anytime with any questions and I will do my bet to answer them for you.  Investing in people is what life is all about.  Chris.  


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