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Hobby to Work At Home

Hello. Welcome. Today we delve a little deeper into How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Job. We have come to terms with the diminishing returns available with streaming our songs as the sole means of income. If not then my post Here will provide you some idea what I am saying. We will also look at an instrument from IK Multimedia Uno Drum and learn about their company and what they provide

We are learning here about how to monetize a traffic bearing website to diversify our income streams while still loving and promoting our music and lifestyle. To do this as we discussed on the prior posts we need a website like the one you’re on right now and affiliate links to advertisers’ websites where their products are sold.

A commission is paid to us if we send our visitors and they make a purchase. Very simple, we are here helping people with information about our interests and theirs and helping them to find products related to our visitor’s interest which they can buy if they choose too. See Affiliate Disclosure above for further explanation.

IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia is a recording provider of plugins for computer software. Digital Audio Workstation software such as Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Studio One accept customization through plugins. Said another way, DAW recording environments can use plugins to customize the sounds in your recordings.

From drums and synthesizers to guitar and bass effects or even whole string sections or full orchestra can be had. I have in the past used IK Multimedia Jimi Hendrix plugin. Jimi Hendrix played flat out loud when he did live shows. In the studio Hendrix was a completely different artist making some very beautiful music.

Pali Gap is an example of a very nice piece done by Jimi Hendrix on his Rainbow Bridge LP. You can find it on YouTube. Still electronic it is very laid back in comparison to his outrageous live tracks. Guitar players have in IK Multimedia Jimi Hendrix Anniversary edition the collection of amplifiers and cabinet models, rack effects and foot pedal effects modeled for computer DAW use.

There are literally thousands of these types of plugins available on the internet some for a few dollars ($20 or less) up to several hundred dollars. Ik Multimedia is a big player in the market with their “irig” lets you record in apple phones or tablets and many other computer recording applications.

IK Multimedia Uno Drum


Ik Multimedia recently in 2019 released a new line of products adding analog drums in a simple to use micro format called the Uno Drum. They are entering the instrument market for the first time here and this product is very cool. They also have a little mono synthesizer in the same format.

Both are also inexpensive providing analogue sounds and PCM samples. In the drum you get six analogue drum sounds Kick drum (2), snare drums high hat cymbal and claps. Fifty four sounds in the PCM engine side from cowbells, rim shots tom toms and cymbals. You can use 12 sounds at once and swap them in and out as you choose.

It has 100 drum kits ready to play with full editing capability, create away. Two velocity zones across 12 pads. It has a 64 step sequencer to program loops or you can record in real time. The Uno Drum offers lots of flexible variation for your creative pursuit. Go Here for your discount on Uno Drum and Uno Synth today


IK Multimedia Uno Synth


IK Multimedia Uno Synth to go with the Uno Drum: “All-analog audio path with 2 VCOs, noise generator, resonant multi mode VCF and VCA.”

“2 independent VCOs with Saw, Triangle, Pulse wave forms with continuously variable shape including PWM of the square wave plus a separate white noise generator.”

“A 2-pole OTA-based analog resonant sweepable multi mode filter with LPF, HPF and BPF.”

“Custom-designed, dual-stage overdrive that provides filter input overdrive for classic synth saturation tone, from subtle warming to aggressive distortion.”

“LFO with Sine, Triangle, Square, Up Saw, Down Saw, Random and Sample-and-Hold to modulate Pitch, Filter, Amp and continuous oscillator wave shapes including PWM.” Taken from the IK Multimedia website advertising as approved affiliate. I’m a guitar player not a synthesizer expert. Go Here for your discounts today.

DAW Software

My personal choice since 2011 is Studio One DAW software. The industry standard for the last twenty years has been Pro Tools though this may be changing due to the cost weighed against what the music market will bear. Streaming in most cases will not pay the load for Pro Tools.

My own observation has been through the years many own Pro Tools but can’t run Pro Tools. It is more complicated than many of the other packages traditionally. It is less intuitive to use for recording, mixing and mastering.

I have recently purchased a Tascam DP 32, personally preferring to avoid the computer for most applications in the recording process. Having grown up using PortaStudio and Reel to Reel I prefer the ease of use and simplified process. For my prior post concerning a more in depth treatment of the DAWs and the Tascam Recording Machine Go HERE to my site post.

Positive Griad Spark Amplifier


If you are a guitar player there is one more great product new in the market place. Positive Grid is a company somewhat like IK Multimedia providing high quality plugins for DAW recording. They, like IK are branching into the devices’ arena. They have a wonderful new amplifier.

The Positive Grid Spark is a new product, giving you numerous amp and cabinet models to choose from. It pairs with a smartphone app. And is a standalone 40 watt Amplifier. That is plenty to get you evicted from any apartment. I live in a house so I can crank it.

In addition to the amp and cabinet modeling it has over 10,000 effects through the app. You can also play and slowdown for learning any song downloadable into your phone.

This Spark Amplifier works as a recording interface for your DAW and I think it is a lot of flexible bang for the buck. Go HERE to my prior post on my site

Affiliate Marketing

Finally, we have conceded there is not a very real possibility of earning a living or even a significant piece of a living streaming songs at a few thousandths of a penny per stream. Taking the bull by the horns as they say we have seen here a demonstration of affiliate marketing.

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I am in there and will greet you on the other side and we can show you how to overcome the streaming service poverty and make any Internet business you want through the Online Certification Program Kyle Louden (Our founder) teaches there as he has to over 1,000,000 very happy people. Come and see HERE.

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