Make Money Streaming Your Music – Internet Changed Music Industry

Internet Changed Music Industry

Sudden change brings reactions that are sometimes not well-thought-out. I recently experienced this when I discovered CDBaby closed their unsuccessful online CD store. So the thing needed is not some reaction or the other but a plan to make money streaming your music. Good Luck!

Just got a quote from a friend, it costs $13,000 to produce 1000 vinyl records in covers ($ 13.00 apiece). A company in Tennessee does runs of 300 for $ 7,000 ($ 23.33 apiece). But vinyl records are growing. Mark Hetfield reports Metallica bought, owns and operates their own record press.

We have watched over the last few decades as music delivered via the vinyl platter as they were called, translated first to the infamous 8 Tracks, then Cassette Tapes, CD’s of course, MTV and Video, and finally the song download. While the vinyl record is making a resurgence with over 18 Million albums sold in 2019, we must concede the internet changed the music industry. Actually, a couple of crooks did it.

As the digital electronic revolution, now in full swing, also changed the medical imaging industry I enjoyed for a decade. The “internet changed music industry” both hearkens and beckons. However,. It is actually in essence a glorified hobby now.


The Numbers Game

The internet like all business is about numbers. But unlike running an affiliate marketing business where sales are the prosperous end. The name of the game in online internet music business now is how many streams you can gather for your songs. A spinning of the wheels.

So you have to get people there for the first time and they have to like your song, or songs well enough to go back again. And again and again preferably sending your link (YouTube Channel etc.) to their family and friends too. Lots of them.

The Cast Of Criminals

Spotify on the music streaming calculator I used here for 1,000,000 streams pays the incredible amount of $ 4370.00 which works out to the industry crippling pay, oh how can they afford to pay those who own the intellectual property (Oh my brothers … Clockwork Orange) per stream of 0.00437 cents per stream. Wowie man!

YouTube comes in at 0.00069 of a penny per stream.

Tidal here get honorable mention paying 01.25 pennies per stream so 1,000,000 streams on Tidal would be $ 12, 500, that’s a platinum record.

Apple Music comes in at 0.00735 that’s 7.35 thousandths of a penny. So, 1,000 streams gets you $ 7.35. MannyWowieCooliOJulio.

SoundCloud brings us the three thousandths (plus a little, 0.003275) of a penny per play so 1,000,000 with them is an amazing $3275. Never have I seen better shiester lawyer rip anyone off for more than the ones here.

Napster, I’m saving them for last since they are the ones chiefly responsible for this. Deezer at 0.003275 must be a subsidiary of SoundCloud. Pandora living up to the legend behind their name 0.00133 so 1,000,000 plays pays out less than $ 2,000.00. Google Play one of the highest (LAUGHTER) paying at 0.00676 pennies.

Finally, Napster the primary cause of all of this: 0.019 the highest of them all. I really hate to endorse them, however, they pay the highest per stream among all music stealing er uh I mean streaming services. (Sue me). 1,000,000 streams on Napster brings $ 19,000.00. Numbers here taken from this site Go HERE to look at their calculator.

Criminal Judges Allowed The Other Criminals To Walk

However, many people downloaded songs through Napster, beginning in 1999 through their cease and desist order, is how many counts of bank robbery these little brats deserved. 12,000,000 years in jail. Watch the video here for the history of all of this Thievery and know for sure if I were the Chief Justice of the United States they’d all have to have the Jolly Roger as a visible part of their logo.

Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning should be in prison for life. Instead, Shawn is out still working in the industry and he is worth 100 million and Sean Parker now allegedly a wonderful philanthropist, into health like Bill Gates, is worth 7 Billion Plus and still a free man and a principle at Spotify. Shoot the judge.

No surprise federal judges often support criminals. You bet I have contempt. Contempt or the entire legal profession. Some cases involve so many victims they should not ever be settled.


James Hetfield Guitarist in Metallica interviewed HERE. Lars the drummer for Metallica was the first horn blower, in the late nineties to announce the end of the recording industry as it was known for most of a hundred years. Lars was actually ridiculed by those who thought they are entitled to the music he helped to create, free of charge. James Hetfield says he hates to see the once cultural lifestyle and career worthy in all supporting roles’ industry, become a hobby.

The record industry supported manufacturing through production of the vinyl records, the CD’s, cases, artwork, distribution, transportation, record store owners and their employees. The entire industry has been destroyed along with peoples’ live, livelihood and careers.

It is true the industry was struggling with the technology of the MP3 and the MP4, but then our handful of heroes out in sunny California, Silicon Valley figures out how to give other peoples’ property away for free. Then the industry Barons (as it were) the record companies through streaming and conspiracy, as a means of survival stole what was left.

The Real Culprits, Now Celbrites

Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning are great celebrities and successful businessmen now and I watched several videos where those now with opportunity to download the property of others for free celebrate the wonderful, ILLEGAL accomplishments of our heroes.

Going HERE you will find a bio on Sean Parker that describes him as:

American internet technology entrepreneur.

Calling a Spade my description would be different.

The women reporters, gleefully interviewing Parker, seem ready to come out of their pants for him. Here are a couple of videos I found that feature the un-caped crusaders in their own words. First here Sean Parker being interviewed.

And Shawn Fanning, Sean Parker’s result in damaging the music industry there, also.


The new recording HOBBY provides greater distribution opportunity for independent recording artists. But much less financial opportunity for the successful and new comers alike. Calling what happened a great service and not grand theft is also dishonest.

While many musicians, artists and service people have been injured severely. As a Christian recording artist, committed to having my songs heard for other than financial reasons, I don’t really have a dog in the fight.  However, the fact that millions and millions of people absconded when given the opportunity.

It’s really no different from going down to Wal Mart and shoplifting a CD.

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