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In my last post, I indicted the people who sunk the Titanic called the music industry. Since I don’t own a TV Network it does no good to curse the darkness. Time to light one of those candles. If you don’t love music and playing music there is little reason to be in it, in this day.

With the Titanic sitting on the bottom of the sea, I really don’t figure a way to pump her out and raise her. Old Jewish Prophecy: Once the camel gets his head in the tent, he’s coming in. That tent is a goner. Don’t look back.

Let’s look forward and determine how we can play our music and still earn a living, and then some.

Affiliate marketing. Advertisers pay people who publish content such as this post to place links to bring my visitors to their stores and purchase items they sell. I don’t touch any products, I don’t mail any products, I merely place a link to the retail site where a synthesizer is for sale. The advertiser when he sells the synthesizer to someone who arrives by my affiliate link, pays me a five to eight percent commission.

So the synthesizer costs, let’s say $ 1500.00 and the advertiser does not have to have a store or pay a salesman and he pays me 5% to 8 % (based on volume) amounting to: $75 to $ 120 sent to me by Pay Pal, or check or direct deposit.

And I can add many links. I can be linked by every visitor to my site simultaneously. I can sell guitars, strings, picks, tuners, amplifiers, bass guitars, bass amplifiers on and on, you name it.

Books and Video Training and of course clothes, gear ball caps? Shoes! And your music on your own website. List music after your name and you have your domain. Now you’re going to need to learn some things to know how to do all of this.

Now you don’t need Spotify, Deezer or Record Companies. If you’re making six or seven figures per year and only selling 50 CDs per year who cares? Use the CD as incentive for your visitors to register their E mail or buy specific items.

Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning made music a giveaway so give it away to help your customers do what you’d like to help them do.

I told you a minute ago you’ll need training unless you already have years of online business experience, The two guys who started this outfit started it to do exactly what I am telling you. They operate a fabulous web hosting and business training university online.

No it does NOT cost a bunch of money and the turnaround is short term. Work from your own home, no more bosses or lousy schedules. Work as many hours as you decide to dedicate to changing your life and lifestyle forever. Invest in yourself and your own interests not streaming or any of the other schemes of men.

Achieve financial independence in a few short months through the training here:

Get started today and this time next year you’ll wake up and decide whether you want to work today or take your wife or girlfriend or husband or boyfriend to breakfast or your children or maybe your mom and dad. This is your life. Spend it with your family and friends. Not in some sweatshop or cube farm.

Carson Lim and Kyle Louden are the two men who started in online business almost 20 years ago. In that time they have developed the easiest to navigate dashboard, training, Websites (yours), Live Events (special training), JAXXY keyword search tool, Affiliate programs (within Wealthy Affiliate) Live Chat (more help and questions asked and answered) and the Help Center for Site Support (24/7). All of this as well other metrics etc. accessed from a single easy to navigate page.

The hosting is Enterprise Level, the website WordPress, High Security, and High Market Recognition. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I have done the training and it is detailed, in depth, Kyle teaches in videos that are easy to follow, you can start and stop, go perform the steps he’s teaching and return exactly where you left off.

You won’t stare at a screen while Johnny Lightning clicks three times and says there ya go, while you blurry eyed say what did he just do? Never here.

I have never seen this much value in one place, like this, anywhere. Best of all you do not have to put up any money or payment information to try it out. FREE — FREE — FREE! Did you hear I said FREE! An E mail is all you have to provide. Then press Sign Up at the top of the page and you are in for a FREE TRIAL to kick the tires, try the training build a website and go through Ten of the 50 Lessons in the Online Certification Course.

In the Premium program (Check it out here) once you are convinced, and I know you will be, you can host 10 websites on (the experimental lab if you choose) and another 10 websites with your domain names. Premium is less than $ 50.00 per month. For websites? Plus the Enterprise level hosting? Advanced Training? One page navigation? And you can fire Spotify.

You can stop working to fulfill the dreams of others and find your own. Freedom Here. Go read, look, enter an E mail and press Sign Up. Yes I am in there and will greet you there. You will become my friend for life once you realize what I have helped you find.

If you are a musician or recording artist the bonus is, in the end you’ll live like the Rock Star or Hip Hop, R & B, Jazz Artist you set out to be. So Let’s Get Started Right Now.

Thank you very much for visiting with me on my site. Thank you for reading my post. Thank you for taking me up on my invitation. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below. I care enough to answer. Thank you again. Chris.


8 thoughts on “Music My Hobby – Hobby Six Figures”

  1. Hi ,

    Everyone dances to their own dancing tune. At first, I was ready to dance but the tune was on how you make your tune very interesting. Yes in the future we will have to leave the past and start over. 

    I like the idea of internet affiliate marketing we are in the same boat with the hope that this bought will never sink and will dance to the fruit of affiliate marketing. Great people who started the wealthy affiliate training and a lot of people love it and are very much benefiting with great community. thanks for sharing.

    • Eve thank you very much for getting it.  You understand what has happened.  No good to keep fighting it just move on and enjoy what’s left to us.  The affiliate marketing is building for me here.  A site I owned prior now gaing lots of traffic as I have started using JAXXY for keywords on that site as well. What we are learning here really works.  Thank you Eve.  Chris.   

  2. I am a musician who has been playing gigs for several years. A few years ago I realized that I could not physically continue doing gigs alone and the income was just not enough. I got training in audio engineering and have placed some of my songs in sync licensing arrangements. I recently began to look at affiliate marketing and this article is timely. The work to get that kind of income is far less strenuous and as a person in the field for years I should be able to support my affiliate program with advise and information. Thank you very much for the encouragement and information. I am ready to start out on this. 

    •  Use this link JJ this is the greatest thing I have ever seen the ease of use the easy to follow training will have you head and shoulders above the rest in a month.  The advance training begins with building a website and doing it right.  Kyle and Carson have been at this a long time.  FREE to come in kick the tires and try everything out so you know exactly what you are getting before you ever spend a dime. Please come in and give us a chance to end your streaming poverty.  Chris.  Comment further or ask any questions and I will answer you.    

  3. Hi Chris, Great Post and very naturally written . I am in the entertainment dance industry and I have also found this is a great website to train the other side of my brain also and balancing out the creativity . iTS Important to find ways as Musicians and artists to find a work traininig platform to work alongside us and not impede on our creativity and the best thing is – it provides as you say a road for us not to work for the man but continue to work for ourselves. Keep up the good work and hope you fire ahead with the dreams of WA ! regards Amera

    • Thank you Amera,

      Yes, the powers that be have diminished what once was a great industry the world over.  It is up to recording artists to find a way to take care of themselves in this new environment. Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing is among the best way for creators to be able to earn their keep and produce their music for the love of it.  Thank you also for the compliment on my writing.  Chris.  

  4. I liked that proverb about the camels head inside the tent, LOL.

    Thanks for introducing us to this platform. I like it when the owners of the platform are proud of their product and they don’t hide behind it. I also like that they seem to have quite a long time in the market. I live in Mexico, is this site available world-wide? If I can, I’ll test drive them and share with you my impressions. Thanks!

    • Yes we are world wide.  So please come and be amazed.  I have been.  Yes they have been at this for fifteen years plus and it is truly incredible what they have provided here.  Thank you for your comment.  


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