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My First Guitar

My dad took me down to Colfax in Aurora, Colorado on my fourteenth birthday and bought me this really cheap Norma Acoutic Guitar for $20.00 out of a storefront shop. The action, as the height of the strings off of the fret board is called was atrocious. A serious hardship to persevere through. It was like a “Two By Four With Barbed Wire.”

This was the culmination of a lifelong dream I was fourteen. I had started wanting a guitar when I was seven because Bill Duncan came home from College and his band practiced in the garage across the street. G-L-O-R-I-A Gloria, Louie Louie, My Girl, Brown Eyed Girl and all those wonderful songs of the sixties.

They had a microphone and used a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner and masking tape with Bill sitting in a chair to sing. They had a guy with a Drum Set and a guitar and amplifier. I’m sure it was not expertly played but it sounded good,

My First Guitar Experience

After we moved away from the New Orleans North Shore back to Seattle I still wanted a guitar. Age eleven, in seventh grade I borrowed a guitar from a friend, Ken Foy. I tried to learn some chords on that guitar all by my lonesome. No success.

Ken came back a couple months later and retrieved the guitar. So that was my first real guitar experience and it did not last long enough. Thanks to Ken Foy though another friend lost to the several moves as the aerospace industry wound down after Apollo.

Between 8th and 9th grade we relocated again to Denver, actually Aurora the suburbs on the East edge of the city in those days’. Rock Mountain High was a popular song around that time. Powder Snow was a treat at the greatest resorts in the world just a couple hours drive.


In August 1971 I finally got the inferior Norma Acoustic Guitar. Very hard to play and very hard to learn on. Took some lessons from a woman named Gloris Foster. She was teaching me out of a fake book as guitar chart songbooks are called.

Mom and Dad unless your child wants to learn to play classical music forget reading notes and all of that. Once I got Song of Lennon and McCartney Volume II I tried to learn to read Strawberry Fields Forever. There was no guitar music there.

Those books are written for Piano and they throw a guitar chord chart at the top of the staff. But none of what is played on the guitar like the really cool lead licks is written anywhere with few exceptions. All this music is based on Blues and Country music. I guess it Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley’s fault.

Fifteen, Nineteen, Twenty, Rock

A better plan than dad’s. I did when I was fifteen get a little better guitar, and electric and a great Magantone M-10A Amplifier. I was sixteen when I got my first Stratocaster. I had also taken some lessons from a Kansas City Classical player names Carrick Mustion.

A friend named Chris Beullens taught me how to play Barre Chords in study hall. I developed a case of reefer madness in eleventh grade and skipped school most days’ to play the guitar and cruise.

So by the time I was nineteen I was a force to be reconned with on a guitar. I was eighteen and worked at the railroad and bought myself a New Fender Stratocaster Natural Finish Ash Body with a Birdseye Maple Neck. Got a Marshall Amp to go loud with it.

Your Children Will Thank You

Mom and dad do not give your son or daughter unlimited access to the car keys. Do buy him or her a guitar drums or a bass, if they so desire and they can be had these days’ cheap because Fender and Gibson (Epiphone) now has starter models made overseas.

Do pay for some lessons if you can because they will progress and want to keep playing. It’s a serious wonder of the world that I got through the beginning with Norma. Obviously I was determined.

Left Handed Fender Telecaster

Click Image To See Details On zZounds

You can put your son or daughter light years ahead of where we started back in the day with a Squier Stratocaster and the Spark Amp with great training tools and great sound and numerous amplifier models and the 10,000 effects.

Joe Bonamassa

I finally made a record in my thirties so you never know. Joe Bonamassa is the best blues rocker going these days’ and he was on the Today program at age eleven because B.B. King took notice of him at one of his shows.

So you never know where it might lead. I think Joe has a better life than life in the cube farm enriching someone else and accomplishing goals not his own. To look at the $ 224.00 Spark Amplifier hit the amplifier image at the top of this page.

To see the Squier Guitars by Fender hit the zZounds logo also at the top of the page. There are also several Ibanez Guitars for under $ 200.00 dollars online in the zZounds store.

Image linked to zZounds
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There are inexpensive acoustic guitars there too. No fear, they don’t sell Norma Acoustic guitars at zZounds or probably anywhere else these days’. I once had one shaped like that but mine was a 1979 2622 Eq Artist like Steve Miller Played on his mega hit album Book of Dreams. It had an active 3 band EQ so you were able to boost or cut the guitar’s output drastically. Mine was always full throttle. I really liked the way that guitar played and should never have gotten rid of it. Sold it to go canoeing in the Boundary Waters. Great trip, but still not worth it.

Uno Drum And Uno Analog Synth Rhythm Section

Many other instruments there also like this Uno Drum and Uno Analog Synthesizer also inexpensive. Click on the text link above or zZounds Logo the Uno Drum to see video at zZounds.  I find this to be very pleasant.

IK Multimedia Uno Drum Link tozZounds

Click to Go See Uno Drum and Synth Video On zZounds

Excellent Yamaha Keyboard

Then of course the Yamaha PSR-E263 — a great beginner’s instrument with full-size keys, 385 sounds, and 32-note polyphony. Yamaha SRE-263 Link to zZounds

This is a great choice for yourself or any child or grandchild interested in keyboard playing from piano to Star Trek Effects the creativity will develop and flow. A great Birthday Present. Click on the Zounds Link at the top of this page to view theses and 125,000 other great music items.

Thank you for visting my site.  Thank you for reading my posts.  Please if you have any comments or questions leave them below and I will answer you.  Thank you again for visiting me.  Come back I will be writing more soon.  Chris.

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  1. For me, I believe that music is life and it is something that just runs down our soul but I never had the passion as a kid so I was very happy wheny little child tolde that he wants to play the drums and also the piano. I didn’t know where to get a good set of instruments for a child but now it’s all here. Thank you for taking time to make this research.

    • Payton, Do encourage the passion of your child.  I am very glad to know you have benefited and that your child will benefit also.  That is my aim to open up the ideas about music, and the desires within the hearts of others to make their own.  In our day there is less and less boundary due to technology and reducing price.  zZounds is definitely the best in my opinion.  Please come back soon.  Please Payton if you have any question or further comments leave them below.  Thank you,  Chris.    

  2. Hi!

    I have to be honest, I LOVE music and sometimes searching for an instrument that suits my needs. I play the guitar and the piano and to be honest, it was REALLY hard to find the right instruments. Your post is really helpful and I’m sure that it will guide many people in their path to finding an instrument.

    Thank you so much for your hardwork.

    • I use zZounds too because their customer service is fantastic.  Everything has arrived in 2 days, shipped free.  That is why I set them as my affiliate advertiser and feature them exclusively.  A couple of those others are bigger but zZounds keeps up with superior customer experience.  Please when you get ready to add to or upgrade come here and access them through my site.  Thank you Juan.  Chris. 


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