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Paul Reeds Smith PRS for short entered the market in the 1980s with Carlos Santana as their featured artist. Next to the Stratocaster and the Les Paul the PRS is favored by many guitar players. (Replaced Sam Ash Music Store online with zZounds due to zZounds experience with customer service)  zZounds carries PRS guitars.

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In recent years the guitar industry Fender and Gibson etc., has maintained their traditional offer of American Made Guitars. Most people cannot afford 3,000 and up for a Les Paul and the Stratocaster is catching up with them fast.


The guitar makers have therefore, intelligently created less expensive lines produced overseas, first in Japan, now in China, Korea, Indonesia and Mexico for the most part. A while ago I was browsing and found a PRS for 10,000 dollars online. Not me.

Today I looked at a PRS Carlos Santana SE model selling for $ 799.00. The SE line for PRS are made in Indonesia.  My dad after he left the aircraft business worked as a project engineer designing and overseeing a huge power plant in Indonesia.


PRS Guitar On zZounds Click Image

I ended up buying a Guitar because of the amazing design. It has two humbucking pickups like the Gibson Les Paul with coil splits on both pickups to get a single coil sound like a Fender Stratocaster.

The single coil sound is very apparently from the demo I watched superior. The professional demonstrator raved about the single coil sound, especially in the neck position.

Versatile sound is very good in a guitar for recording. I have not seen such versatility in sound in any guitar since the 1979 Ibanez Artist 2622 I owned for a few years beginning in 1980. One of those I should never have turned loose.


I am getting ready to do some more recording in the near future. I am in need of a better electric guitar and this one fits the bill perfectly with lots of different sound capability. Back in the old days I played strictly in three-piece bands. Jimi Hendrix and Cream (video here) were my primary inspiration.

In my record, “Look Up Now” I played simply acoustic because I got busy with and engineering career at the Lazy B, as we all called Boeing. I won’t be touring because I might have to fly on a 737 Max. Built like a rock. Flies like one too. It does not surprise me a bit they would produce an airplane that is not correctly weighted and balanced for flight and say, Let the computer do it.”

737 Information Age Model

I left there and am happily divorced from the aircraft giant. Trouble is Boeing was the number one exporter of American Manufactured goods.


Gibson, Fender, PRS and the other guitar makers fulfill the demand for domestic manufactured guitars and offloaded their inexpensive versions to foreign companies and this creates prosperity in those nations and allows working class people to afford nice guitars.

The guy demonstrating (by the way there are a lot of young women demoing instruments online now too … glad to see it) the PRS SE Paul’s Guitar, the model I bought, said he owns the Core PRS Paul’s Guitar. That’s the American made one. He said he paid 4,000 dollars for it. Not me.

I once paid 1950 dollars for a Collings OM 2H Acoustic guitar, back when Bill Collings was building every one of them with his own two hands. They’re over 5,000 dollars now and built by his students.


A lot more work goes into building an acoustic guitar. An electric guitar is sawn to shape and then shaped with a belt sander. Seems to me like the price has become obscene in many cases.

These are guitars we are talking about, the point is the sound. There was another review online doing a comparison between the Core (American Made) and the SE (Indonesian Made).

The observation of the reviewer is he cannot truly justify the additional money for the Core instrument based on the sound of the SE verses the Core.


Gibson has priced themselves out of the market and it looks like the rest may be following them off the same cliff. Most of us cannot afford to divert 4, 6 or 10 thousand dollars toward a guitar. Not sure whose watching the store.

Thank you for vising my website. Thank you for reading. Please if you have any questions leave them here below. Please leave any comments here also. I will answer you. Thank you again. Chris.


4 thoughts on “Paul Reed Smith Guitars Reviews – Sam Ash Music Store Online”

  1. Concerning it’s looks, it resembles the Gibson Les Paul. I have also played several Fender Stratocasters and I like the single coil sound.

    Thanks for addressing this comparison between the SE verses the Core. If there is no big difference when it comes to sound I’ll buy a SE.

    Yeah, Gibson has gone crazy with their high prices.

    • Paolo, thank you for your comment.  If I were earning my living playing guitar I might spend the extra 3,000 for the prettier Core model.  But, I kept hearing there is not 3,000 worth of difference in the two guitars.  I will have it by tomorrow or Monday.  I will write a review.  Might even get things going with the camera.  We’ll see.  

      You play guitar?  Do you have music online anywhere?  I’d be interested.  Answer back.  Thank you Paolo for commenting on my post.  Chris.    

  2. Hey Chris, thanks for this. I’ve had an eye on the PRS Santana style guitar for a while though I read somewhere recently that of all high-end guitars the PRS doesn’t command such a good price when second hand. It’s a bit like driving a Porsche off the sales lot. But it sounds like things may have changed now. I should fess up and admit I am somewhat spoilt. I was fortunate to buy a 1963 pre-CBS Fender strat that I only paid less than $300 for. Still plays beautifully as well. I bought it back in 1973 which explains the price. I totally hear you that Gibson has had a lot of bad press lately on the quality of its product including some of those coming out of their Custom Shop. With so many really good guitars from China, Korea, Japan available at such good prices today, it is really worth giving them a thorough look. Thanks and best regards, Andy 

    • Andy, thank you for your interest and your comment.  PRS or any guitar is for play ability and tone.  But you are correct, buying a high end PRS or anything except an American Stratocaster or Les Paul is like buying a BMW.  Like unto your Porsche comment.  1963 PreBS we called them yet in 1974 my first Strat was a CBS because I wanted a new one and that’s all you could buy.  Big ugly flared head stock.  

       My second one was a 1957 another guitar I should have held onto.  There was a music store near the house and it was full of 1930s through 1960s Gibsons, Fender, Moserite.  If I had gotten a job at McDonalds and started buying the guitars and amps in that room, I would have retired a long time ago.  

      There were probably rooms like that all over this country.  Another friend of mine a few years older bought the store in 1975.  He sold all those old guitars to brokers who sent them to Japan.  That is where most of those guitars ended up.  I did own a Magnatone M 10 Amp, I bought there.  Yeah I should no have let is go.

      Hey 1963 Stratocaster?  I’ll give you $00 dollars for that old guitar.  LOL.  The PRS should be here Sunday.  I;ll let you know how I like it.  

      Come back Andy I got lots of stories and will be checking out some good gear.  Thank you again for commenting.  Chris.  


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