Stairway To Heaven Court Case – Eric Clapton Let It Grow

Lawsuit Led Zeppelin

Stairway to Heaven court case whereby the estate trusty of deceased “Spirit” guitarist Randy Craig Wolfe’s Trust, sued Led Zeppelin over the song Stairway to Heaven. In 2014 the trustee brought suit. In 2016 the court ruled in favor of Led Zeppelin.

Stairway To Heaven the incredible work by Led Zeppelin is worth an estimated 79 million dollars in royalties. Unlike most classic rock music available for streaming online Led Zeppelin like Bob Dylan, King Crimson and a handful of others have managed to protect their work.

You’ll have to go to YouTube on your own to the hear their song because I don’t want to violate their desire as owners of their own intellectual property, by hijacking it for my site. You see since Dylan, King Crimson and Led Zeppelin among many others have protected their work it still has value.

We have talked about this before on this blog, HERE. My songs are streaming on YouTube and I have samples HERE. Now my songs, as opposed to Dylan, Crimson, Zeppelin are not huge hits and will likely never be worth any substantial amount of money.

But the fact is, I wrote them and they belong to me. I still resent distributors who sold the entire stable of independent musicians’ work to the streamers at least to the extent we arrived at their door (Spotify, itunes, Deezer, Amazon) and we were informed when we got their we could stream or blow away in the wind. Kick Rocks.

I’ve already discussed the Napster Gangsters who coincidentally (???) would up as directors and such of the very streaming outfits who stole the dreams of millions with their criminal activity (Napster was criminal conspiracy) and in perfect 21st Century world style the courts and the legislature have let them get away with this conspiracy.

Napster, and the rats running off the sinking ship, reminds me of the Alan Mulally Scam at Boeing when I was there in Wichita as an engineer. Mulally they said was in charge when some mid honcho or the other bought DCAC software package from some software company.

The guy who bought the software left Boeing we were told to accept a job at the software company. Who knows if any of it was true. Here’s what was true: Employees in the manufacturing teams designated DCAC as acronym for “Destruction of Commercial Aircraft Company” I found a string of E mails after all these years and they are instructive.

“Mingler, awhile ago you wrote, “I also see BA waste millions on programs like DCAC that is failing bad.”


What is the DCAC program?


[Chris interjects: Destruction of Commercial Aircraft Company]

“DCAC is the manufacturing and resource planning portion of BA’s integrated business system. DCAC is used by floor personnel to display and track planned and in-process manufacturing, assembly, and integration workloads and progress. It is also used by administrative functions like procurement, scheduling, et al., to plan, track and execute all related activities that support production.

It is critical that such a system is flexible, user-friendly, and extremely accurate in terms of inventory balances, engineering data, and available capacity or it can cause far more problems than it solves.

Systems like DCAC are generically known as MRP, MRPII, and ERP systems and turnkey versions are sold by dozens of vendors like SAP, Western Data, etc. They are all very expensive. Boeing has decided to grow their own system for a number of good, logical reasons-primarily that nothing else came close.

Regardless of the acronym, they all do the same basic thing-reconcile the plan and the resources(people, materials, machines, etc.) to what is actually happening.

It’s really just a software program that’s supposed to help make large scale manufacturing more effective. This is far easier said than done but Boeing must automate these processes to succeed and they know it.


These E mails I found on the internet when I typed in DCAC and are from 1999 when I was a Boeing Aicraft Engineer. CQ. Boeing was very entertaining. I rarely miss it. Especially with their successful 787 and 737 MAX programs. No thanks.

Record Producer Rick Beato

Rick Beato reveals the similarity, in both cases is called a Line Cliche and he explains and compares Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) and Taurus (by Spirit) that in his video below. But here we want to give a quick listen to Jimmies Page’s former band mate. So my big question is who really wrote the chord progression? Eric or Jimmie?

Eric Clapton and Jimmie Page and Eric Clapton played in the same band in the beginning of their career. Listen to how similar to Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven Eric’s song Let it Grow HERE sounds like Stairway to Heaven is in the guitar line, if you listen.

Eric Clapton

When I first heard this song, I noticed it and picked around on Stairway to Heaven and Let it Grow. The Clapton song is much closer than Taurus by Spirit.

Does this indicate Eric might have been involved in the birth of the guitar line for Led Zeppelin’s song, with Jimmie Page years before and wanted remind Jimmie and to show the world? No idea.

Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for reading my posts. Please leave any comment here below. If you have any question I want to answer them. Thank you again. Chris Queen.



4 thoughts on “Stairway To Heaven Court Case – Eric Clapton Let It Grow”

  1. I’m confused here. Are you the Chris Queen that owned the website ChrisQueen dot net? Anyways, I’ve listen to Led Zeppelin in the 80’s and 90’s a lot. Why would the trustee sue Led Zeppelin? What did he violated? I’ve also listened to your music. You have a good voice. Thanks for this article.

    • No Chris Queen dot net is not mine.  Thank you for the compliment on my singing.  How long have you been hard of hearing?  LOL.  Seriously, thank you.  The main reason the trusty for Spirit was suing is of course the value of Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven is estimated at 79 million dollars.  Now, most people recognize similarities between songs and think there is liability and sometimes money to be had.  As a former record producer, Rick Beato showed us in the video linked in the post the similarity is just that, only similarity and in the end Led Zeppelin was exonerated.  Thank you again for your comments and your compliment. George Harrison quite making records because someone sued him in a similar suit and he lost.  He did not make another record until The Travelling Wilburys.  Chris.  .

  2. Hello there this is an amazing review you have got here. i am sure that the quality information in this post will be of great help to anyone who come across it as it to me. I quickly hurried to check Stairway To Heaven out on youtube and after listening, I just said to my self that Led Zeppelin isn’t from this planet as the song is mindblowing.

    • Thank you for your comment Joy.  Yes it is a very good song.  One of the best ever.  The educational point of this is the Line Cliche idea and the fact similar ones are in different songs.  This is not the first time this has happened.  George Harrison lost a case similar to this in the nineties.  And I don’t think George Harrison took anything from anyone.  Thank you again for your comments.  Chris.


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