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zZounds Excellence

zZounds musical instruments has won my personal business due, first to ease of use of their website and their awesome customer service. If you click the link on top at the right on the page here you will see what I mean.

zZounds top menu once you click on my link you’ll see it. Most of the brands they sell are listed across the top of the page. They have a general categories’ menu Guitars, Recording, Keyboards etc. Then brands below that, Bose, Epiphone, PRS PreSonus, Gibson, Fender and on and on. Their site is very well organized and easier for readers of my posts to use.

If you go to Guitars, for instance there is a menu there for brands, Epiphone, Gibson, Marshall etc. Easy to use. The nice color scheme of shades of blue is easy on the eyes. Very nicely appointed. If you click all at the right there you get a listing of every brand zZounds offers.

Pay As You Play

Their fantastic Pay as You Play program is also a winner. While I applied once about ten years ago and was turned down, I recently received an E mail offering me the service. I had bought a Tascam DP-32 blemished item which they said was probably merely an open box item this month.

I received it after two days in the original box all packaging intact. I looked it over very carefully and could not find an actual blemish anywhere. It’s perfect. I saved nearly 200 dollars buying the “blemished item” when none of the other online music providers had one in stock.

So it looks like if you buy an item from them, then maybe they approve you for the pay as you play. Except for my websites and Uncle Sugar’s special COVID-19 unemployment deal for those of us who became unemployed recently, I would not be writing today or buying musical instruments. A Thousand per week in unemployment? We’re all socialists now.

Choosing zZounds

I do know this will end soon, however, I have increased and am increasing my online presence to keep earning a living until social security time. I am far from a socialist, in actual life, but since we have to deal with the current situation I am thankful for the assistance.

All of that said, zZounds is becoming my exclusive brand here and on my other website for musical instrument and recording gear etc. In the beginning of my new website adventures I had a hard time, new websites and all being approved for selling in advertiser networks except the big A. The big A now pays 10-30 dollars for a 1,000 dollar sale. I’d rather not.

Because of their great on the phone customer service, you can talk to human beings at zZounds. Their 125,000 plus available items, remaining “in stock” on most items through May and June, I am promoting zZounds very strongly here.

My Own Experience With zZounds

I’m not mad at Sam Ash and still like them. I like them better than a couple other online music stores but zZounds has won my business. On their Pay as You Play program I bought a Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Paul’s Guitar model for 12 payments amounting to the retail price divided by 12, after paying the first payment.

No interest and they advertise all items shipped free and this was shipped free.  Sales Tax of course. The governor IS going to get his or her cut. I reckon at the end of the contract I’ll be able to access this program for any other purchase I want to make on the same terms.

Here is the guitar I bought:


Go See It Now

This great guitar is less expensive that the American made PRS guitars which is prohibitive for me at this point. Though I’d love to have American made PRS. This one is made in Indonesia. Most guitars outside the 2000 dollar and up sector are foreign made now. Eventually I hope to be able to afford and American made PRS Paul’s Guitar, but for now this will have to do.

Link to zZounds PRS Guitar
PRS Paul’s Guitar SE

PRS Paul’s Guitar Features

Not to downgrade this instrument with two PRS Humbucking Pickups and the best ever coil splitting to get Fenderesque single coil sound it is a very versatile instrument and the one the guitar maker plays himself (the American One). This guitar, which I received yesterday by Fed Ex, has many sound combinations.

Staring with Humbucker bridge or neck or both. Then single coil bridge, neck, both, further bridge single coil and humbucker neck or vice versa this is an amazing array of sounds. The man who did the demo raved about the coil splits for single coil sound saying it is the best he has ever heard, in the room with the guitar and amp.

I am currently waiting on a Tweed Deluxe amplifier kit on the way and plan to film the build and post it here through YouTube. The vintage 5e3 Fender Circuit @ 22 Watts should compliment this guitar’s sound very nicely. I will demo the guitar when I get the amp together.

Currently I am considering which speaker to buy for the amplifier. I’m down to the vintage Jensen P12R or a Warehouse G12C or possible a Celstion Creamback. I used to be a space cowboy with fuzz face, Vibropedal and Wah all hammering the sky with Marshall Amps, but I plan something a lot more tame these days.

Fender Should Help Musicians Pay As You Play Too

Having said all of this, I wanted a Fender Eric Clapton Signature Model Guitar with the Noiseless Single Coil Pickups, TBX and the Midboost, however, Fender was not available in the Pay as You Play program. So I went with the next best thing. The Fender Eric Clapton Model is American made and a lot of guitar for the money.

zZounds landing page

Fender Eric Clapton Signature Series

Fender is to be praised for keeping the cost of American Made Guitars Reasonable. The Eric Clapton Stratocaster is under 2,000 dollars by a significant amount. The Fender American Stratocasters are generally available in the thousand dollar give a few hundred more, range.

Gibson Participates

I own an Epiphone Les Paul as well. Les Paul’s are heavy. The Epiphone, which I bought several years back is Heavier than most Les Paul’s. I had not played a lot of electric guitar in recent years. I strapped on the Epiphone and it almost killed me.  Think, cement block.

I recently, a few months ago, went to a music store and the guy there had just received two reissue Gibson Les Paul Guitars and had them open in the cases on his counter. I picked up the 1957 reissue and could not put it down. It Played like a dream and weighed half what my Les Paul weighs. But it was over 3,000 dollars. The 1959 reissue was over 6,000 dollars. That’s a lot of money for an electric guitar.

If you can afford them and want to see them hit the zZounds link at the top and go see them. I’d love to have either one of them,

1959 Reissue Les Paul


So I hope this has increased you awareness of the current situation with respect to the musical Instrument business in general. Recording music requires the tools and the source of those tools is important. I hope you will get you guitars, keyboards, drums and recording accessories via here through my affiliate link above at the right.

I will be recording some new songs soon. Its been a while. Right now outside of writing there is little else for me to do. Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for reading my posts. Please come back as I will be writing more soon. If you have any questions please leave them in the form below and I will answer you swiftly. Please leave any comments there as well. Thank you again. Chris. 6/29/2020.

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  1. zZounds musical instruments website is a very easy to navigate website and I like that it prominently displays how long it takes for shipping. With the lack of employment it is nice to see that they have a play as you pay program. Thank you for highlighting and reviewing this business. I have a wife that is in the market for a guitar and a son that is in the market for an 88 key keyboard. Hopefully this will make the decision making process easier. Hoping for the success of your site and looking forward to more of your reviews of the musical instruments!

    • Shawn, thank you for commenting on my post.  I am doing the work of changing links etc.  I am very happy to have helped you in your search for this helpful company zZounds.  I am working to offer assistance as I can based on my many years in the arena.  Happy I can be of service to you and your family.  Chris.   


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